Boiler Installation Hampstead

Citywide Boiler Repairs takes pride in Boiler Installation Hampstead the boilers of all reputed brands at home or in the workplace. We offer the top-notch boiler installation services in Hampstead and its nearby locations. Trustworthiness, flawless installation, and extended warranty are our maxim of providing the boiler installation services. Our boiler installation package is the best across the industry where you can enjoy an extended manufacturer warranty of up to 10 years. Our engineers have OFTECH and Gas Safe registration certificate. So, they are highly eligible for gas and oil boiler installations simultaneously. Want installation support? Call us on 020 3892 8545. Our engineers will discuss with you happily.

Reliable Boiler Replacement Hampstead

We are a highly experienced Boiler Installation Company in Hampstead. We are in boiler installation services for more than 20 years. Our service is swift in all around the Hampstead and its adjacent locations. Apart from new boiler installations in a new site, we are experienced in boiler replacement services as well. Citywide Boiler Repairs always hire highly experienced heating engineers. They have company level accreditation to repair all reputed boiler brands available in the UK. Our service warranty includes free call-outs, servicing, repairs, cost of technicians, spares (T&C applicable). Call us on 020 3892 8545 to enjoy the best service.

Most Recommended Boiler Installations Hampstead

Citywide Boiler Repairs is highly recommended for the top-class boiler installations in Hampstead and flawless finish. We are highly endorsed by Trustpilot & Checkatrade for the most positive reviews and recommendations by all our happy clients. We are highly professional and never miss words what we promise to any of our clients. We always provide you with the best service at the lowest cost across the industry.

Best Service at the Lowest Cost

We don’t have any hidden-charge for boiler installation services. We have fixed charges, and our installation packages are the best across the industry. You can keep confidence in us to get the best service at the lowest cost. Our service is not for a day that we rob you off once and never. Our good relationship with you will bring forth our business. We have that much honest confidence in us. So, what are you waiting for? Call us on 020 3892 8545 to enjoy the best service.

Call us on 020 3892 8545

We Are Safe In Your Home

We have acquired “Safe in Your Home” badge. We are well educated and trained on how to cope with infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Along with covering our faces, we protect our hands with gloves. While working, we keep the doors and windows open to pass open-air in the room. We suggest everybody not to come closer to us and ask to maintain at least 2 meters of distance. As soon as the installation service completes, we sanitise the room as instructed. Besides, we have cashless transaction facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to install a new boiler in the UK?

The average boiler installation cost in the UK ranges between £500 and £1,500. When you replace a boiler with the same branded boiler, the cost will range as mentioned. But, for a boiler of a different brand, the cost increases.

What is the cost of a combi boiler installation?

The minimum cost of installation of a combi boiler is between £600 and £850. However, if you want to take a mid-range or premium range boilers, it may cost up to £2000. The cost of the boiler also depends on and areas to cover by the boiler.

What is affordable: a system boiler or a combi boiler?

A system boiler is always cheaper than a combi. However, the cost of repairing your old boiler will be cheaper than a system boiler installation. The sealed combustion boilers are costly compared to the atmospherically vented boilers.

How much time will it take to install a boiler?

The average time to install a combi boiler is about 4 to 6 hours.

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Call us on 020 3892 8545

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  • David Mark


    Brilliant service, friendly and good value for money compared to many of the others. Greatly satisfied with thier service at very reasonably priced. highly recommended and will definitely use again.

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    They were professional as well as efficient. The best service in Richmond. I will surely use them again and recommend it to others. The service engineers were very sincere. Highly recommended..

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    sam harper


    Great service, very polite and friendly. Fixed the issue with my boiler very quickly and also showed me how to stop the issue happening again.

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